What Makes DivaDolly Unique?

Diva Dolly Australia


Features of the DivaDolly Rolling Dance Luggage System include:

  • Sturdy and Durable Exterior.
  • Retractable Rods & Garment Rack.
  • Interior Hook for Hanging Garments During Travel.
  • Zippered Garment Bag that Protects Hanging Wardrobe Items
  • 360° Six-wheel Rolling/Gliding System.
  • Expandable Handle for Easy Reaching and Transport.
  • 6"X 10" Detachable Vanity Mirror for Styling Hair and Make-up.
  • Sectioned Top Drawer to securely Stow and coordinate Small Dance Accessories.
  • Two Removable Cosmetic and Hair Care Trays.
  • Three Graduated Drawers for Endless and Secure Storage
  • Six Optional Colours/Styles for Divas & Gents!