It’s Cool to be Kind. How to Stay True to Yourself in the World of Competitions.

Dear DivaDiary,

Competing at an elite level in any sport requires a person to be driven and determined. The will to win is a natural human instinct, however it should never be at the expense of your innate kindness and compassion for your fellow performers.


The sporting world is full of examples of elite athletes showing kindness to their competitors. One such example is Australian snowboarder Torah Bright. During the Sochi Winter Olympics, Torah’s main rival suffered a series of falls during practice. Noticing that she was in tears, Torah gave her rival a big hug and some encouraging words.

This is a great example “sportsmanship”, which is the fair and generous treatment of others. Whether you’re competing at the Olympics or at a local dance event, it is equally important to show everyone respect, kindness, and compassion.

Friendliness and Kindness with Dance Competions | DivaSquad

Here are some easy ways that you can show kindness at competitions:

  • Support everyone by letting them know you think they’ve done a good job
  • Have a positive attitude
  • If you see someone upset or injured, help them and give them words of encouragement
  • Take pride in winning, but remain humble- don’t rub it in
  • Accept that you can’t always win, and congratulate those who do
  • Spot others with DivaSquad gear, like a DivaDolly Dance Suitcase, DivaDolly Everyday Backpack or Prima Dance Duffel Bag and head over and wish them good luck! Then do the same for those without :)

People will remember your kind words much more than the trophy that you won! And the warm fuzzy feeling that you get inside when you help another person is worth more than all the trophies in the world!

Remember what we stand for at DivaSquad:

Always show "kindness towards others, towards yourself, towards those who support you, and those who don’t.”

Now go out there and have fun!


♥︎ Simone & The DivaSquad