Introducing the new and improved DivaDolly with lighter drawers!

We are SO excited about our NEW DivaDolly Pro DRAWERS!Β 


πŸ’• 3kg lighter than our previous model

πŸ’• 3 equal sizes drawers with removable dividers

πŸ’• Made with strong ABS plastic so they're easy to wipe clean!Β 


Our reasons for the change:

Our brand, DivaDolly, has always prioritised customer satisfaction, and we have been diligently working to address the concerns regarding the weight of our top product.Β 

Although the new drawers’ feel may differ, they are sturdy and built to last. We want to take this opportunity to shed light on the decision to lower the weight of the DivaDolly drawers!

We understand that change can sometimes take time to adapt to, especially for returning customers who have grown accustomed to previous collections. However, with its lighter drawers, the new DivaDolly presents numerous advantages that outweigh any minor drawbacks.

The new streamlined design eliminates excessive mechanisms and assembly variability, making the DivaDolly more user-friendly and hassle-free. The absence of tracks allows for more efficient use of space, maximising the storage capacity of the drawers.

While the previous design may have had a heavier weight, quality should not be solely determined by weight alone. We aim to provide every DivaDolly user with an enhanced, streamlined experience without compromising durability or functionality.

We have made significant advancements in creating a more lightweight and efficient product by utilising moulded plastic for our drawers instead of traditional drawer tracks. Although initially different, this adjustment ensures that the DivaDolly remains sturdy while offering a more sleek and practical design.

We acknowledge that the glide of the drawers may not be as smooth as with classic tracks, but we assure you that they still function exceptionally well and are designed to withstand the test of time.

Ultimately, we aim to continue improving and innovating our products to serve our customers best. We greatly appreciate your feedback and understand that it takes time to adapt to changes. With its lighter drawers, we are confident that the DivaDolly is a step in the right direction, providing a more convenient, durable, and stylish solution for all your storage needs.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in the DivaDolly brand.